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If you like to contribute in any way you can always help me to edit the language file, and send it to me so I can upload it an make it available to all users. Like a little reward, your name will be visible in the About form.
Another way to contribute is to make a donation in any amount and currency. I will gratefully accept any donations no matter how small or large.

If you support the idea of free software, if you value the idea of free, independent information on the web or simply just think this little software is useful to you. Then it's a good reason to do a donation.

If your consideration in donating for this freeware project, it is through these donations that I am encouraged to release more freeware, improve my current freeware, and will be used to help pay server and software costs.
As a result every donation is critical to the long-term survival of the site. Even a small donation helps.

I currently process my donations through PayPal, where you can donate using any major credit card, by bank transfer or from your PayPal account. For your security all processing is handled off-site using PayPal's high security servers, however you do not need a PayPal account to donate as they can process your credit card without any need for an account. No credit card or other sensitive information is held on their site. Any information provided is treated as confidential in line with their site privacy policy.

However if you wish to donate in another way then please contact me.

Thanks! Your gratitude will motivate me to continue the Free SRT-File Translator project development.


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